Jamaica not downgraded by US travel advisory - Foreign Affairs minister

January 12, 2018
Kamina Johnson Smith

Minister of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade, Senator Kamina Johnson Smith, said the US Embassy in Kingston has assured her that "Jamaica’s status has not changed" despite the US State Department issuing a level two travel advisory for the country.

The advisory tells its citizens to exercise increased caution in Jamaica due to crime.

Johnson Smith, in a release, said that the Embassy confirms that the format of worldwide travel advisories issued by the State Department and the use of a tiered level of advice, ranging from 1-4, is new.

Under the newly-introduced tiered system, Jamaica has been classified at Level Two in the updated travel advisory posted on Wednesday.

Johnson Smith reminded, “Jamaica has for some time been the subject of travel advisories issued by the United States and the nature of such advisories have remained largely the same, in so far as the US State Department is concerned.”  

She added “To give greater context, we understand that the category in which we remain, is the same as that of the UK, France and Germany."

Reflecting on an exchange with the US Embassy on the new travel advisory, she said, “We appreciate the acknowledgment conveyed by the US that as a partner country, the Government of Jamaica is working assiduously to ensure Jamaica is a state where not only its citizens are safe and feel safe, but that visitors from the US and other countries can feel safe and welcome at all times.”

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