Man uses obeah to chase duppies from house

January 12, 2018

Some may believe there is no such thing as obeah, but there's no debate for a man who only gave his name as Shawn.

He said his house was plagued with evil spirits but he was able to get a good night's rest because of potions he bought at a drug store in downtown Kingston.

“Duppy did inna me house one time. Dem did a mek me couldn’t sleep, so me just go buy some Frankincense and Myrrh and burn it inna me house. Me can tell you seh me sleep good after that,” he said.

Shawn told THE WEEKENED STAR that obeah is real and that people practise it daily.

He was not surprised when he was showed a photo that has been circulating on social media of a man’s photo in a green bottle that is tied to a red bottle.

The photo has caused quite a stir on social media and has many people saying the man is 'freed' because the plan that the person had to destroy his life has been revealed to the world.

“Dem supm deh real man and if people nuh believe in dem thing deh, dem no have no sense, dem dunce,” Shawn added.

But he said some people also use obeah for good.

"My uncle use it for healing. Me see man come with them foot swell and he rub dem down and dem heal. So like everything in his world that is good and bad, it is used for good and evil,” he said.


But other persons believe that oils and other obeah products have no effect.

“Me nuh believe in dem thing deh. Me a 55 years old and me don’t think dem things deh real. A God one me believe in, anything else nuh exists,” said one woman.

Ricardo Williams believe that everything starts in the mind.

“Your mind is where the faith starts so if you believe that you can move a block with your finger, then that is what you will do,” he said.

However, Williams said that evil is real and that people should turn to God instead of turning to evil spirits to help them.

He told THE WEEKEND STAR that there are some churches that are starting to practise the act of using ‘oils’ and that should not be the case.

“There are churches that are telling people to come for prayer cloths and for healing oil. Where do they get these things from? They should turn to God for help and not these things,” he said.

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