Obeah men letting demons loose in Jamaica - Former 'science man' says evil spirits fuelling crime

January 15, 2018
Spairmore Lee Smith, a former Obeah man turned Christian.
Spairmore Lee Smith, a former Obeah man turned Christian.

For 22 years, Spairmore Lee Smith, 42, says he was an obeah man giving baths, practising love and death rituals, among other things.

Introduced to the practice while attending a revivalist church, Smith, who started to practise obeah as early as 14 years old, said that initially he thought that he was doing the work of God. But, instead he said he was running an evil business, charging upwards of $100,000 for a bath during his peak from 1989 to 2004.

"Persons pay these money. Sometimes it can go up $150,000 or $200,000. It is a profitable business," he explained.

Smith said that he got certified as a prophet at a witchcraft school in St Ann before later going on to give is first bath in St Thomas.

"There is a school in Jamaica that teaches witchcraft, so that is where I got my training. Every three months we would go down there to be certified or give a report just like yuh working at a company," he told THE STAR.

Apart from rituals and baths, Smith said that he also made guard rings.

"You would bring di ring and then spiritual realm would tell us what to put in the ring. So we would put incense because the demonic world works with scents and certain odours," he said.

He said that the ritual had to be done annually.

"If yuh don't fix it the next year the spiritual realm will require blood, so is either you kill a goat, kill a cow, or it kill yuh family," Smith explained.

While he was an obeah man, he said he had numerous clients, including police officers.




"Police would come for protection. You would also have persons who believe that they have curses on them and dem want di curse to remove," he said.

Smith noted that once a person visits an obeah man that person has to keep going back.

Now, claiming to be a 'true Christian', Smith is urging the nation, especially the prime minister, to call on the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth in order to rid the nation of the crime problem.

With the nation's crime problem spiralling out of control, Smith said that some of the spirits that he has let loose in the country is contributing to the violence.

"The wickedest act that I have ever done is worshipping and sending demons to people yard. Sometimes I send spirit to people yard, and sometimes it requires blood, so most of the killing weh a gwaan right now, we need to arrest that," he said.

However, he says the name Jesus Christ of Nazareth must be emphasised when persons are praying for the country.

"Yuh haffi emphasise it because the obeah man use Jesus and Jesus Christ when performing the rituals, so you have to say Jesus Christ of Nazareth to override that," he told THE STAR.

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