Cecil Dennis giving quality education to his students

January 16, 2018
Cecil Dennis with his students at the Niagara Primary School in St James.

Cecil Dennis is a teacher who for 21 years has striven to give quality education to his students in grades five and six at the Niagara Primary School in St James.

"As a student here, my experience was very great, because I think the standard of the school is excellent," said Dennis. "As a result of that foundation, it was not difficult for me to excel. That is why I am trying my best to give these students a good foundation, so when they go out and do their external exams, they are able to function very well."

Dennis pointed to one of his past teachers, Selvin Bernard, who also served as the school's principal, as one of his key inspirations.

"Mr Bernard did not leave any stone unturned in terms of trying to have us achieve the best. He was an excellent principal and teacher," Dennis said proudly. "Where ever I go and I am asked to write about one of my role models, he is the one I write about."

The 55-year-old Dennis, who was raised in the Niagara community, pursued an advanced degree in education at Sam Sharpe Teachers' College before returning to his alma mater.

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