Herbalist needs medical help

January 16, 2018
Bongo at Zimbali
Bongo in Hospital

A herbalist based in Westmoreland is in dire need of financial help to undergo a medical procedure after he fractured his hip during a fall on New Year's Eve.

The herbalist, Bongo Roache, requires some $700,000 in order to have a surgery done, but he has no way of finding it.

A GoFundMe appeal has been launched for the Rastafarian. A target of US$5,000 (approximately J$624,000) has been set. To date, some US$1,595 (approximately J$200,000) has been raised.

Bongo had an unfortunate fall; stepping on a rock on his farm, he lost his balance, fell, and fractured his left hip.

"I don't worry, for I man know my Father watches out for me," he is reported to have said.

According to a media release issued by Theo Chambers, Bongo is presently in the Savana-la-Mar hospital awaiting a date for surgery. However he has asked to receive private surgery at another hospital.

Bongo, who earns his living from planting, reaping, and preparing his herbal remedies from his home base and herbal practice at Zimbali Retreat, Canaan Mountain, Westmoreland, will require an implant to repair his fractured hip.

Sharon Parris Chambers, a health and wellness consultant, who along with Mark Swainbank, the owner of Zimbali Retreat, set up the GoFundMe appeal, said that Bongo has been a source of healing, guidance and awareness to her.

"He is the epitome of 'one love'," she said.




Visit the GoFundMe Account at https://www.gofundme.com/hip-help-for-bongo-roache or deposit contributions to Let's Do it in the Caribbean Scotiabank Negril Account# 100419104.

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