Only the best for Boyne

January 16, 2018
Pall-bearers carry the body of the late Ian Boyne exit the National Indoor Sports Centre after the funeral on Sunday.

When the dust settled, Delroy Gordon, Andrew 'Shirty' Martin and Melvin Dyer were kept busy covering the final resting place for media icon Ian Boyne on Sunday.

THE STAR saw the trio busily preparing for the burial at the Dovecot Memorial Gardens and Crematory in St Catherine.

"It is one of the biggest celebrities that I have ever dealt with over here; it feels good to know that I am able to be a part of the provisions for one of Jamaica's great journalists," Gordon said.

Gordon told THE STAR that all the work on the vault was of the highest quality to suit the class of the man.

His view was echoed by Martin and Dyer, who said that it was indeed an honour to be associated with such an occasion.

Meanwhile, it was clear that just as Boyne attracted attention through his work in the media, so he attracted scores to his final resting place.

THE STAR took to the streets, and from St John's Road to Johnson Pen to the burial ground, people were waiting at a section of the road for the arrival of the convoy.

Police personnel from the St Catherine North Division and traffic headquarters were out in their numbers to see to an orderly event.

It was a strategic move, with some at the entrance while a truckload of them stayed inside the venue.

Persons noted the high-profile funeral and commented that it was the first they had seen the police on such high alert.

Meanwhile, others who knew Boyne were just pleased to be present to observe the happenings.

Despite persons travelling from all over to pay their last respects to Boyne, the procession flowed well, and from the policing standpoint, the event was incident-free.

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