Water not flowing in Niagara

January 16, 2018

The presence of a river running through the area, the existence of a water-treatment plant some distance from the main road, and the recent rains across the island are apparently not enough to address Niagara's water woes, which are belied by the healthy-looking green shades across the local vegetation.

Anthony Fowler, a cabbage and dasheen farmer, said that the water issue has been present for approximately one year.

"We have a great problem with water. From early last year we have had no water," said Fowler. "We have a catchment at Sweetwater district, where people have to go to get water most times."

Paul Mitchell, a worker at Niagara's water-treatment plant, explained that the issue lies with the pumps and pipelines on St James's side of the border with St Elizabeth.

"Up on the St Elizabeth side, the water is good. They get water every time it is pumped," said Mitchell. "One of the high-lift pumps towards the St James side is bad, and it's about two months now that we reported the matter.

"The water source is OK, but a rotten pipeline and maintenance are the issues," Mitchell added. "Back up that side, to the Johnson community, the low-lift pump is out, and there are other issues, like leaks."

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