Cop transferred following Palisadoes mess

January 17, 2018
Parties on the Palisadoes Road strip on New Year's Eve and again on Monday, New Year's Day, brought traffic to a standstill for hours on both days. On Monday, the situation caused chaos at the Norman Manley Internatioinal Airport. This photograph shows bumper-to-bumper traffic because of the New Year's Eve party.

Superintendent Robert Walker has been transferred to the Area 4 Police Division. This was confirmed by the police's Corporate Communications Unit.

Walker was recently in hot water as he was the Commanding Officer of the East Kingston Division when the Palisadoes strip was the scene of a major traffic gridlock due to unruly motorists who attended the New Year's Day staging of the party, Sandz.

The traffic pile-up led to flight delays, as both airline pilots and passengers were caught in the gridlock.

In a report on the incident, Commissioner of Police George Quallo reprimanded Walker stating that he should be held responsible for his "lack of diligence and proper management".

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