Vox Pop: How do you feel about the declaration of a state of public emergency in St. James?

January 19, 2018
Amelia Atkinson
Dale Ballentine
Lance Waucope
Kalilah Kennedy

Lance Waucope, security guard: "I don't mind it because crime is getting out of hand in St. James. Something must be done about these menace to society, even if it might hamper working and law abiding people. It has to start somewhere and I for one welcome it."


Dale Ballentine, chef: "Honestly, I believe this state of public emergency is just a temporary fix, or you could say putting a bandaid over a gunshot wound because that alone won't solve crime and violence. We need other agencies, businesses and the people of Jamaica to join in the fight.


Kalilah Kennedy, customer service representative: "I don't see anything wrong with it. It is the best thing for the parish right now to how these criminals murdering people in broad daylight."


Amelia Atkinson, nurse: "The strategy of the Government to put in the State of Public Emergency is a wise one because it provides some semblance of peace and security for the citizens. Many persons fear to go home at nights because of crime, but at least now, things can be easier.

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