Hunt for gangsters - Security forces search for 37 gangsters

January 23, 2018
Soldiers in the Flanker area of Montego Bay, St James this week.
Security forces on the ground in St James, which is now under a public state of emergency.
The security forces on the ground during yesterday's state of emergency in St James.

Police and soldiers are in hot pursuit of 37 gangsters who have been fingered to be chiefly responsible for the murders and mayhem that has gripped western Jamaica, particularly St James.

Selvin Haye, deputy commissioner of police (DCP), said that "Court-ready files and warrants of arrests have been prepared. Once those individuals are captured, they can be immediately taken before the courts."

The wanted list is headed by Shaneil Lutan, 27, of Farm Heights, St James, who was convicted of two counts of murder and illegal possession of firearm. Lutan has been on the run since he escaped police custody.

In the meantime, Haye has attached the label of fake news to news circulating on social media that two dead men are listed among St James' most wanted.

Haye said a list currently being circulated on social media and discussed on some traditional media outlets did not come from the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF).




The ghost of the zone of special operations foul-up in Mt Salem, St James, re-emerged on the weekend after persons began sharing photos of Curtis Coke and Shawn Titus saying they were listed among the wanted men in St James.

Coke was killed in an alleged confrontation with the police in September, while Titus was shot and killed by gangsters in Flankers last October.

"How could something like this happen?" questioned former policeman Craig Oates. "This is embarrassing and raises questions about the level of seriousness that is going into this crime-fighting effort ... things like these are not good for public confidence," he said.

However, the JCF yesterday moved to clarify the reports. It said that a list of 37 persons was shared and discussed with our stakeholders prior to the announcement of the State of Public Emergency last week. According to Haye, five of those individuals were listed as priority and shared with the media through a release last Friday.




1. Shaneil Lutan

2. Delano Wilmott

3. Arnold Gayle

4. Marshall Dillion

5. Nico Samuels

6. Kasheem Lewis

7. Devon Reid

8. Deandre Devonte

9. Kirk Stevens

10. Christopher boyd

11. O'Neil Brown

12. Laura Meggie

13. Brandon Case

14. Sanjae Hodari Nelson

15. Danrick Campbell

16. Oran Dunn

17. Jason Gordon

18. Kerlando Wallace

19. Ryan Peterkin

20. Travis Rasheen Myrie

21. Javaughn Campbell

22. AndrÈ Fullerton

23. Sheldon Grey

24. A man known only as 'Andrew'

25. Daniel Gray

26. Kevon Francis

27. Albert Anthony Samuels

28. A man known only as 'Beggy Dan'

29. Torr Burnett

30. Kaval Duncan

31. A man known only as 'Jolo'

32. Lennox McLeod

33. Orlando Burnett

34. Davion Kevro Reid

35. Donald Anthony Reid

36. Oral Dunn

37. Daniel Allwood

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