Gangsters use embalming fluid to kill

January 24, 2018

Criminals in St James are getting high on embalming fluid, which is said to be influencing the brazen manner in which they carry out crimes.

This, is in addition to these thugs indulging in devil-worshipping and engaging in blood sacrifices.

Greg Smith*, a former gang member from Montego Bay, said he unknowingly inhaled the fluid, which has the street name 'leak'.

He told THE STAR that he was under the influence of the 'drug' that lead him to partake in several criminal activities.

"It is called 'wet' or 'leak' so all the don dem do is to spray it on a spliff or cigarette, put in the sun to dry, and give the likkle youth dem before dem send dem out to do a murder," he said. "Their body is controlled by the drugs and it messes with dem brain so they can walk up to anyone and kill them because them na think straight."

According to Smith, leak is in high demand among gangsters.

"In order for them to be a shotta dem have to be a killer. A lot of the yutes dem nuh have di killing ting inna dem, but after dem smoke di seasoned spliff or cigarette it's like dem turn ina zombie," he said.

Smith told THE STAR that gangsters purchase the embalming fluid from persons who work in the funeral homes.

"More time parents see dem children a get off is because of it. But most time dem blame duppy and obeah when dem see dem a get mad. Embalming fluid kill off dem brain cell so dem just start move a way," he said.


Joseph Cornwall, operator of House of Tranquillity, said that embalming fluid is extremely poisonous if inhaled or ingested.

"This is the first time I'm hearing about it but the materials that make up the embalming fluid are used for preservation and to slow down decaying of body. It is a very deadly poison that can result in death," he said.

According to an article posted on the BBC website, the use of embalming fluid as a drug is on the rise.

The BBC reported that the effects of embalming fluid include visual and auditory hallucinations, feelings of euphoria and invincibility, and increased pain tolerance.

The high lasts from six hours to three days. The drug also produces feeling of anger, forgetfulness and paranoia.

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