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January 25, 2018
Yvonne strikes a pose in front of her fruit stall in Scotts Pass, Clarendon, yesterday. Yvonne is among several vendors who sell fruits along the side of this busy road which links Clarendon and Manchester.

PM sends another warning to gangsters

Prime Minister Andrew Holness says that the Government is determined to undermine and uproot crime in the country.

"It is the intention of the government to not just disrupt, but to totally undermine and uproot criminal gangs and the networks that they have formed," the prime minister said.

"We should never believe that the street-level criminals operate on their own. They are financed, they use our banking network, they are well connected, they use our telecommunications infrastructure, they have good transportation, they use our roads, they buy our cars, and they use them in the commission of crimes," said Holness.

Fat nation urged to watch weight

One in two persons is overweight and every fourth person in Jamaica is obese. "We are very inactive, as less than one per cent is actually even accomplishing what we should be doing on a regular basis, and that's just regular physical activity for at least half an hour," Dr Suzanne Soares-Wynter, clinical nutritionist, Caribbean Institute for Health Research at the University of the West Indies, that said.

Soares-Wynter said that consumers should pay keen attention to the ingredients panel and the nutritional facts label when making food purchases.

"You want to compare items before you make a choice, so look at your labels if you are comparing brands. Pay attention to the serving size, and look at the total calories per serving how much sugar is in it. Look at any health claims. Check the expiration date and any other safety issues," she said.

Farmers get $100 million flood relief 

Some $100 million in assistance has been announced for 2,173 farmers in Trelawny, St Mary, and Portland who suffered losses of over $343 million during heavy rains between January 4 and 18.

Karl Samuda, the minister of industry, commerce, agriculture and fisheries, said that farmers need to shift their strategies in order to minimise fallout from weather-related damage.

He said, the ministry will now focus on the rapid expansion of protective agricultural practices such as hydroponics, greenhouses, and covered farms to minimise the impact of adverse weather conditions on farms.

Drive under way to stop visitor harassment 

Five sessions aimed at getting locals to stop harassing tourists have been planned for Trelawny. These anti-harassment sessions are being hosted by the Tourism Product Development Company (TPDCo).

The aim of these sensitisations is to educate the residents in and around Trelawny of the importance of the tourism industry and to positively affect their attitudes and behaviours towards visitors.

Charles Scarlett, director of visitor safety & experience at TPDCo, said, "The sensitisations will contribute to efforts of building awareness around the harmful impact that harassment has on the tourism industry and also to the visitors."

$2.4 million found hidden in books

Some J$1.4 million and US$8,400 (approximately J$1 million) cash was seized by members of security forces operating in Montego Bay, St James, under the state of emergency.

One woman was arrested in connection with the seizure that took place at a house in the Bottom Pen community on Tuesday.

Major Basil Jarrett of the Jamaica Defence Force, said the cash was found hidden between pages of several books and in a cupboard.

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