Why did they kill my son? - mom struggles to cope with loss

January 25, 2018
The late Lloyd Thomas Jr with two of his children.

When Rose Jones* got the news that her only son was no longer here on Earth with her, her pain was unbearable.

Haunted by the thought of not having him around anymore, she is left with questions.

"Why dem kill him? Him nuh trouble people. Him very hard-working, so why dem do this?" she asked.

Jones' son, Lloyd Thomas Jr, who would have celebrated his 33rd birthday on Friday, was shot and killed on January 6, in Bull Bay. He leaves behind four children.

Fighting back the tears, Jones said that the relationship with her son was a loving one. She described him as a person who was very quiet and who cared for his family.

"We live really good. I could talk to him about anything. Him responsible and work hard to take care of his children. Him and him sista dem live really good, even better than how me and him live," she said.

Jones told THE STAR that she is trying her best to live with the tragedy, but with each passing day, it doesn't seem to be getting any better.

"Right now, me nah cope. Me cya cope because no one can tell me why. A just that me want to know, why?" she asked. "Yuh see if him did trouble people, me woulda understand. But him work to take care of his family and ensure that things are going well for everyone, so weh dem tek him from me fah?"

Jones, who is troubled with high blood pressure, said that there are days when she feels overwhelmed and she is trying her best not to let it affect her health.

Jones, who has three other children, said that the family is closer now because of Thomas' death because they use each other to cope.

However, she said that out of all her children and grandchildren, Thomas' second son is not dealing with the news of his father's death very well.

"Him still a ask a night time 'weh daddy deh, how daddy nuh come yet?' Anybody weh did want help from him (Thomas), him try and help them out. A so him stay. Him sistas dem tek it hard, but we just affi a try help each other deal with it."

*name changed

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