Shoot-out traumatises students at St Jago High

January 26, 2018

 Scores of students of the St Jago High School in Spanish Town had to scamper as gunshots rang out in the vicinity of the Monk Street-based institution yesterday, the result of a shoot-out between police and gunmen.

A sixth-form student of the institution told THE WEEKEND STAR that she was in class some time before 11 a.m. when she heard the shots, which caused many of her schoolmates to panic.

“I heard a lot of shots and teacher told us that we should head to the auditorium,” she said.  “Some people never hear the shots so they were like “what's going on?’ and then they start running.” 

She said that they remained in the school’s auditorium for an hour.

Some of the men who were involved in a gun battle with the police allegedly ran on to the school’s premises to elude the lawmen.
One man is reported to have been killed in the shootout, however the police have not released his identity.

A team from the police's Community Safety and Security Branch, and members of the Spanish Town clergy later arrived on the scene to provide counselling for the students and teachers.

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