Man kicks babymother in face

January 27, 2018

A man was brought before the Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court on a charge of assault with occasioning bodily harm after he allegedly kicked his babymother in her face, breaking her canine tooth.

Winston Douglas pleaded guilty with explanation, stating that he got physical with his babymother after he disciplined their teenage son.

"All this start because mi ask har for the matches and she gi mi likkle attitude and say she nuh have nuh matches. And we have a 14-year-old son and him come there and mi ask him for the matches, and him start gi mi attitude, suh mi use the door and shub it pon him," he said.

Douglas said that he became upset by the way his son spoke to him.

"Then mi say to him, since yu reach 14, yuh a gwaan like yuh a man. Yah listen too much Alkaline and Kartel and him did have a DVD player, and mi tek it weh from him," Douglas explained.

He said that his babymother then cursed him.




"She then tell mi something graphic and mi and har have a likkle hug up (tussle). Then she drop a ground and lick har mouth," he explained. "She cannot tell mi dem type a thing deh before mi children."

But the complainant was adamant that she was kicked in the face.

"Your Honour, what he is saying is not true," said the woman, who said that they were no longer in a relationship but lived in the same house.

However, Parish Judge Chester Crooks said Douglas' explanation amounted to a not-guilty plea, so he was prepared to send the case to trial.

However, both parties were adamant that they wanted the matter to be concluded without going to trial.

"I don't want him to go to jail. I just want him to pay for what he has done," the complainant told the judge.

Douglas added: "Mi just want it done now cause mi and har talk back and everything."

"One of you have to tell me the truth then," Crooks urged both parties.

But with neither prepared to go to the trial, he sent them to speak to the probation officer, after which they agreed to settle the matter through mediation.

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