Criminals trying to profit from children's home fire

January 30, 2018
Firemen at the Walker's Place of Safety in St Andrew following the blaze.

Unscrupulous persons have sought to capitalise on the tragedy which struck Walker’s Place of Safety by claiming that they are collecting donations on behalf of the destroyed institution.

However, the Child Protection and Family Services Agency (CPFSA) say that they have given no permission for these persons to collect donations for the home.

The CPFSA said that it was brought to the agency’s attention that individuals have been visiting residences, illegally collecting items, and using the agency’s name.


Rochelle Dixon, PR and communications manager for the CPFSA, said that her office was made aware of the illegal activity through a report from one of their regional directors.Two female wards were killed in the fire which destroyed the facility a couple weeks ago, while the remaining 34 wards have been temporarily relocated until the facility is rebuilt.

Meanwhile, Dixon said that the children’s home has been receiving quite a bit of donations, especially clothing.

She said that the agency is grateful for the support that it has received thus far, and she has also advised persons to give non-perishable food and personal care items as well as educational supplies.

The CPFSA is asking all persons interested in assisting to bring donations to agency’s corporate office at 48 Duke Street, Kingston, or any other CPFSA office across the island.

Persons wishing to make monetary contributions can do so at the National Commercial Bank, Duke Street Branch, in account name Child Development Agency; account number 061018964; and swift code JNCBJMKXE. 

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