Do you believe Hopewell should replace Lucea as the capital of Hanover?

January 30, 2018
Darion Clarke
Sherrane Riddle
Floyd Bernard

Sherrane Riddle, vendor: "No sah, I don't think so. Hopewell don't fit that profile, plus it is not popular like Lucea. Lucea is bigger than Hopewell and more businesses are there. So the capital should stay where it is."

Floyd Bernard, construction worker: "Yes, because Hopewell feel more comfortable and convenient than Lucea. Hopewell's environment is also better in terms of doing business. Lucea has banks and I don't even join them, I prefer to go Montego Bay."

Darion Clarke, security worker: "I don't think so because Lucea is the foundation. For Hopewell to become the capital then a whole heap of things will have to go change and Hopewell no have the space to put in certain infrastructure."

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