Graves choked by bushes

January 30, 2018
Bush covering graves at the Hopewell Cemetery in Hanover.

Some residents in the parish of Hanover are expressing displeasure with the current state the cemetery in Hopewell, which they say is badly in need of proper maintenance.

"The cemetery is in a bad state right now because them nah clean it up," said David White, who spoke to the WESTERN STAR during a recent visit to the cemetery. "It's almost a year since it has been like this."Another man, Jason Rose, said the abundance of rainfall that the parish has been receiving in recent times will only make matters worse. The dense foliage has completely cover some of the graves, making them hard to locate.

"Dem must a wait until the rain done but by then things a go worse because the whole a the place a go bush up ... Something has to be done now," said Rose.

"The cemetery big and people still use it to this day because all right now, all you can get a spot. So me think them must come in and upkeep the place and cut down all them bush deh."

According to the residents, they would also welcome the construction of a wall around the cemetery.

A representative of the Hanover Municipal Corporation said the Hopewell Cemetery is one of 10 which is being managed by the council. The representative said that efforts are being made to clean up and maintain the cemeteries in the parish.

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