Kern sets up anti-crime group in St Bess

January 30, 2018
Nuff people a seh dem no too watch news again because it too depressing.
Kern Spencer

Following the shooting of his father in the parish last week, former North East St Elizabeth Member of Parliament Kern Spencer convened a committee which he says will be tasked with finding solutions to the crime problem.

"St Elizabeth is traditionally one of the safest parishes in the country but in recent times we are seeing an increase in violent crimes and murder. With the crime rate spiralling out of control, we hope that we will be able to come up with a parish model that can be replicated in other areas," said Spencer.

The committee includes Daphne Holmes, a former mayor of St Elizabeth; Howard Hendricks, former president of the St Elizabeth Parish Development Council; Brian Manning, a businessman; as well as educator Brian Dodd. His father Daniel Spencer and his mother Peggy Ewen are also on the committee.

Among the aims of the committee is to assist the police to develop a campaign to rid St Elizabeth of guns. Spencer also said that the committee would promote a number for persons to give information to the police.



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