'King Evil' gets low-keyed funeral

January 30, 2018

Reputed Montego Bay gangster Omar 'King Evil' Lewis, who was murdered in the western city just under three months ago, was buried without much fanfare in Spice Grove, St Elizabeth, last Thursday.

This as police prevented many of his friends from crossing the St James/St Elizabeth border to attend the funeral.

"A whole heap a vehicle get turned back by the police," a resident of Canterbury, Lewis' home community, told WESTERN STAR. "It is a pity because a our general, so we would a like fe go see de last a him."

The action by the police was reportedly done to prevent a situation similar to what occurred at the funeral of Oshane 'Ganda' Duhaney, who was said to be the 'top man' in Quarry. A person was shot dead at his funeral and several other persons injured as shots barked, despite the ongoing state of public emergency in St James.

Lewis, who once figured on the police's most wanted list in both Jamaica and the US, was killed on October 25, 2017, in the Catherine Hall section of Montego Bay by marauding gangsters, who surprised him in his car and peppered him with bullets.

In the aftermath of Lewis' killing, downtown Montego Bay erupted into chaos as irate gangsters fired shots indiscriminately, forcing many persons to flee in panic.

The police said Lewis was the undisputed leader of the Canterbury-based Nation Croc gang.

Lewis' son, 20-year-old Kasheen Lewis, was not among the mourners at his father's funeral as he is now in custody, charged with killing two women in the proximity of where his father was killed.

The two women, Cleopatra 'Keisha' Fletcher, 41, a nail technician; and her 52-year-old customer, Dawnette Shettleworth, were killed approximately two weeks after Lewis.

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