Holness disppointed with 10 guns found during state of emergency

January 31, 2018


The state of public emergency which was announced for the entire parish of St James on January 18 by Prime Minister Andrew Holness has been extended by another three months.

The House of Representatives yesterday passed a resolution which means the measure would remain in force until May 2.

Holness also revealed that since the state of emergency to stem violence, the security forces have recovered 10 firearms including high-powered rifles.

In his presentation to Parliament yesterday, he said that he is not satisfied with the number of weapons found.




"That we have found only 10. I am disappointed. I want to find more, but if you consider the magnitude of the problem, the police won't know where they are," he said.

Holness recounted seeing how one of the weapons recovered by the security forces was stored by criminals.

"What I saw with my own two eyes was an AK-47. The slide was greased and the gun was oiled and stored in a car tube a tyre, then wrapped in some cloth and it was buried. Now, that obviously was a weapon in use. Beside it was plastic bottle," he explained.

He added that for more guns to be recovered, the public needs to play a greater role in assisting the police.

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