Man trying to get my son killed - Woman claims family is being targeted by daughter’s ex-lover

January 31, 2018
Crime scene


One Clarendon family is alleging that they are being targeted by a man who has posted several videos to social media claiming that he has police on his payroll.

Jean Scott*, 53, claims that the man, who resides in the United States but visit Jamaica regularly, has been issuing the threats because he has an agenda against her daughter, who lives overseas as well.

"He cannot get to her or have any information on her, so what he is doing is using the rest of the family," she told THE STAR.

"They were married and had a child together, but he was abusing her and she had to leave him. She had to go into a shelter and everybody in the family has blocked him and refused to speak to him because he disgraced her on Facebook," she continued.

Scott said that they have been ignoring the constant threats from this man, who has been threatening to kill them and burn down their home for the past two years.

"He said he has police on his payroll, and he can get them to set up my son and kill him because he wants my daughter to come to funeral," she said.

However, she decided to hire a lawyer and make a report to the police after the man allegedly created a flyer which listed her 34-year-old son as one of the nation's most wanted men. The flyer claimed that her son was wanted for rape and murder.




"We were surprised when he went to the depot yesterday and the police pick him up and bring him to the station for questioning," she explained.

After he was processed and asked a few questions about himself and other family members, including his sister who lives aboard, Scott said her son was released.

However, she is still upset that the police picked him up randomly and brought in him in for questioning without him doing anything.

"If this man can tell police things about my son and them pick him up, that means dem can shoot him," Scott told THE STAR.

Scott's daughter, who was in a relationship with the man, said that she was also shocked that her brother was picked up by the cops.

However, she said, "My mother told me that when she spoke with the police directly, they told her that they don't use 'AKA', and they don't use full body pictures, so somebody went on his Facebook [page] and took off his picture and made a flyer to say that he was wanted for murder and rape."

But Scott said that this was not the first time that the man has made false report to the police to have her son arrested.

"The first thing he do is call the police and said that he know a youth, my son, who is a gunman, and he lives at such and such a place and wanted them to go and pick him up and he would even offer the police credit to top up his phone every month," she said.

Luckily, she said that the policeman knew the family, so her son was not arrested.

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