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January 31, 2018
Do you know the difference between janga and shrimp? Janga is the name given to the fresh water shrimp. They are not to be consfused with crawfish which are essentially the freshwater version of lobsters. Here Robert Campbell shows off his live janga caught at a nearby river at his shop in Castleton, St Mary.
Farmer Arthur Bruce displays some of his peppers.

KPH gets big injection

The country's healthcare services received a major boost on Monday with the donation of an ultrasound machine, an anaesthetic patient monitor, and a patient monitor to the Kingston Public Hospital.

They were donated by the UK-based Rejuvenate Jamaica Hospitals charity organisation.

The ultrasound machine is valued at J$1.8 million, while the other two pieces of equipment are valued at J$538,000. KPH performed more than 7,000 ultrasounds in 2017.

Successful January in St Andrew South

Police officers in the St Andrew South Division have been commended by the Police High Command for their contribution to the mission of the Jamaica Constabulary Force to rid the nation of illegal firearms and ammunition and arrest and charge those in breach of the law.

Senior Superintendent Carl Ferguson, commanding officer for the division, said that two wanted men were captured and nine illegal guns seized since the start of the year.

"The men and women who work alongside me in the St Andrew South Division have exuded great professionalism and continue to be passionate about their job," Ferguson said.

St Mary bridge badly damaged

Several St Mary residents have been forced to used an alternative route to access their homes following the closure of the Lampkin Hill Bridge.

The communities of Decoy, Mile Gully, Dresike, Hunts Town, and Amiel Town are inaccessible to vehicular traffic via that route. Motorists are being advised to use alternative routes, which include Jacks River and Free Hill. Also, persons travelling to Port Maria from Gayle will have to use the Retreat or Labrynth main road.

UK expert to talk about removing profit from crime

An anti-crime expert, Jeremey Rawlins, has been brought in from London to speak with the Financial Investigations Division (FID) about taking the profit out of crime.

A significant part of the mandate of the FID is to increase public awareness of financial crimes. This conference is aimed at building partnerships with key stakeholders across the financial sector. These include financial institutions and regulatory organisations that could play an integral role in the successful removal of profit from crime in Jamaica.

Good days for Windsor Castle farmers

The Windsor Castle community in St Mary has been enjoying increased success in farming, thanks to much-needed support provided by the charity organisation, Food For The Poor (FFP). FFP has supported the community by supplying the farmers with pepper seedlings and agrochemicals. They also constructed a packaging house, which serves as a much-needed central location.

Glenford Anderson, president of the Windsor Castle Producers Organisation, said that before the construction of the packaging house, farmers had to store their peppers on their verandas, which is less secure and less hygienic.

Thousand pounds plastic found during coastal clean-up day

International Coastal Cleanup Day activities in Jamaica last September yielded 160,628 pounds of garbage. The waste was collected from beaches across the island and included nearly 300,000 plastic beverage bottles.

A similar 'Nuh Dutty Up Jamaica' campaign in 2017 resulted in 5,431 pounds of garbage being collected, including 15,517 plastic bottles.

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