Husband tries to leave Ja the day before wife's funeral

February 01, 2018

Omar Collymore, who was shot and injured in New Kingston on January 19, was apprehended at the Norman Manley International Airport last Saturday after he tried to leave the country.

The police at the Norman Manley International Airport confirmed that he was arrested, but were unsure of the circumstances under which this was done.

The news team also learnt that after his arrest at the airport, he was taken to the Constant Spring Police Station, but was later released.

Collymore's name was on many lips recently after a video surfaced following the shooting that took place at a business place on Belmont Road in New Kingston.

Interestingly, he was trying to leave the country the day before his wife's funeral.

His wife, Simone Collymore, was killed on January 2. Reports are that she was travelling in a taxi in Red Hills, St Andrew, when gunmen opened fire, hitting her. The taxi driver was also killed.

When checks were made, the police said that investigations are ongoing.

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