Westmore Gardens residents cry for better roads

February 01, 2018
A close-up look at one of the larger potholes in Westmore Gardens.
A taxi makes its way along the bumpy road.
Residents say roads have been in a deplorable state for decades.

Residents of the Westmore Gardens community in Central St Catherine have expressed concerns about the bad road condition that is affecting the place they call home.
"They have fixed a little section of the main road, but conditions are very bad inside the community. They (the politicians) must know that we are suffering from the lack of proper roads to and from our homes,"said 80-year-old Daniel Grant.

He was one of several residents who expressed sadness that the bad roads 'decorate the community'.

"I have lived here for over 30 years and from the time that I am here the tracks are here, I have suffered through it especially when it rains. Don't matter how simple (it rains), I cannot even go to church due to the pond at my gate. It needs to be fix and nothing is being done," Gloria Clarke said

The residents also say the bad roads cause their transportation costs to double most times.

"A journey that cost $100 find residents paying $200 to be home, as drivers don't want to chance the bad road conditions," a resident who gave her name as Marjorie said.

President of the Westmore Gardens Citizen Association, Marcia Godfrey, said "We have protested against the conditions, but nothing meaningful has been done yet."

Godfrey said on roads like Kennington Drive, Marylebone Road and Wildwood Close, some residents resort to wearing water boots to make the trek as murky water settles.

When THE STAR contacted councillor for the division, Theresa Turner, she said that community got some attention and there are plans to do some work on the interior.

"We have fixed the main road into the community as it was one of those schemes which wasn't handed over to the municipal council," she said. "We are currently working on Hampton Green and will be giving attention to other communities which includes Westmore Gardens."


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