Sugar workers say they were better in barracks

February 02, 2018
Alva Sinclair's house was auctioned after he racked up arrears. It was, however, torched by angry persons who do not want the new owners to take possession.

Having been evicted from their homes and being forced to find shelter elsewhere, some sugar workers express regret about leaving the sugar barracks to live in decent houses.

Several sugar workers thought their lives had changed for the better when they were given keys to their homes at the Chedwin Gardens housing development in 2010.

However, a series of misfortune has seen several of these retired sugar workers lose their homes. The houses were sold after they fell into arrears. People who still have keys are worried that they could suffer a similar fate.

"One time, mi go out deh fi pay some money and she [National Housing Trust representative] seh she nuh know how my house nuh sell yet," said a male resident, who told our news team that he fell back on mortgage payments because of two near fatal accidents.

According to the former sugar workers, it appears as if the houses were given to them on one hand and is being taken back with the other.




"When dem gi we it, at the said time we get the place we get redundant, enuh. That mean dem know we don't have a job fi pay for it. Dem come together and say who get the house dem and management a go find supm and mek we pay for it, and all now," the retired sugar worker said.

The housing issue now affecting the former sugar workers has been blamed for the death of some of their colleagues who were not able to deal with the stress associated with their current predicament.

"The woman dead last week, stress kill her. A man deh round deh suh, from him hear bout the house dem a sell behind people back, him catch strokes. A big stress this, enuh, so anything can happen."

At least three houses have been auctioned due to the failure of sugar workers to pay for them.

The purchasers of the auctioned houses in the development have not been able to make use of their investments as persons have torched them, making them inhabitable.

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