Women flock booty cream for bigger butts

February 02, 2018

From doing squats in the gym to surgeries, some women are determined to get a bigger butt.

For those who cannot afford to do surgery to achieve their dream derriere, a product called 'Booty overnight cream' allegedly achieves the desired results.

The cream, which is sold for $6,500 at Keyhanna's Curvy Kontour in Half-Way Tree, is said to produce results in the shortest time possible.

An employee told THE WEEKEND STAR that using the cream is easy.

"All you need to do is rub it on your butt. It is normally used twice daily until you see the results you are looking for," she said.




The cream, which has been on the market for quite some time, is said to be in high demand.

"A lot of people buy it all the time. Right now, we are low on stock. I am not able to say how many persons we have that come in and buy each day because there are a lot of people. The results of many persons are posted on Instagram," she said.

The store also specialises in lipo gel to remove belly fat. It also goes for $6,500.

"It is used to burn fat, tighten loose skin, lighten stretch marks, and helps to remove cellulite," she said.

The attendant added that it is best to use a waist trainer for a more effective result.

A dermatologist told THE WEEKEND STAR that there are no health risks associated with using these products especially the lipo gel.

"The lipo gel contains water, caffeine and menthol. The caffeine will keep you awake and the menthol irritates the skin. So you will be left awake with an irritated skin, but apart from that, there are no health risks associated with using this product," she said.

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