Repeat offender accused of stealing money

February 05, 2018

A repeat offender currently before the Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court for stealing $92,000 will know his fate when he returns to court on February 21.

Charged with larceny is Omar Ricketts.

When the matter was called up last Friday, he pleaded not guilty to the offence.

The complainant told the court that she had him on record admitting to taking the money.

She said: "Your Honour, I don't know why he is wasting the court's time. I have him recorded saying he took the money and will pay it back, and also why he took the money."

The court was told that the complainant and the accused went to 100 on Hope Road, and she won US$2,400 (J$301,457), while playing blackjack.

Allegations are that Ricketts was handed the receipt to collect the winnings and he withheld $92,000.

The court heard that Ricketts committed the act while on bail for a similar offence that is still in court.

The investigating officer told the court that the complainant was being truthful regarding the taped conversation between herself and the accused because he had heard the recordings himself.

Parish Judge Vaughn Smith contemplated revoking his bail under the circumstances, however, he had his bail extended until February 21.

A fingerprint order was made against Ricketts.

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