UPDATED: Farmer boasts about yard full of chickens

February 05, 2018
Seiwright Maise is flocked by his chickens as he shows off his baskets.
Seiwright Maise takes time out to feed his many chickens.

"Nuh weh inna Jamaica yuh a go see so much common fowl inna nobody yard," Seiwright Maise boasted as the chickens flocked him at his home in Alderton, St Ann.

While struggling to keep them off him, he told THE STAR that he has lost count of the exact number of chickens he now has.

"More than 100 deh ya now, and mi shoulda have more than that, but rain damage them sometime. Nuff rain wi get sometimes, and dat affect them," he said.

Maise, who is a farmer, mason and weaves wicker, said that he raises the chickens for their eggs and meat.

A lover of his special chickens, Maise argues that 'common fowls' are better than six-week-old poultry.

"Dem here a di real fowl. A nuh di 'six-weeks' dem. Mi have dem fi get di common fowl egg fi sell and eat the roasters dem," he told THE STAR.

He said that he has been nurturing the roasters and hens since he moved to the community from Kingston in the 1980s.

"When them hatch up, mi always tek dem up and put them inna di likkle coop weh mi have, and as soon as dem develop mi let them out. Wah day yah mi let out bout 30 winners," Maise said.

However, he said that he would like a coop to house the chickens to prevent them wandering on to the roadway.

"Mi waan mek a coop fi dem cause mi nuh waan car kill dem off, but mi nuh have no money. Dem nuh stop go pon di road. If mi go pon di road dem follow mi, so mi haffi dodge dem, cause dem watch mi enuh," he explained.

To prevent them from following him around or going on to the road, he said that he has had to employ a certain strategy when he is giving dem food.

"Mi mix dem feeding all the while. Mi give dem di [bag] feeding and rice, and scatter it fi gi dem get work fi do, cause when yuh gi dem the big-grain corn dem walk bout. But when yuh give dem sup'm fine fi eat, dem haffi spend time, so dem stay one place," Maise says.

NOTE: This story has been updated to reflect the fact that Alderton is in St Ann and not in St Mary. 

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