Five walking guns puzzle cops - Weapons used in 58 murders

February 06, 2018
Members of the security forces examine the first high-powered weapon seized in St James during the state of emergency.

Five of the most wanted guns in Jamaica have been responsible for 58 murders, Robert Montague, the minister of national security, said.

The minister, who was in Montego Bay, St James, on Sunday, said the guns were used in 92 shooting incidents across seven police divisions. He did not indicate whether the guns were used in western Jamaica, and if so, how much carnage they are responsible for.

"So either these five guns are owned by persons who are walking around and murdering people, or they are being rented. It has to be one or the other, because these same five guns are found in seven different parishes where they have been creating mayhem. These are some of the challenges we have been facing as a nation," he continued.

Adding to the nightmare, Minister Montague said that of 859 illegal weapons recovered by the police last year, only 112 have a ballistic history in Jamaica.

"It tells you that a vast majority of the guns are new to Jamaica," Montague said.

Montague has again underscored the importance of a secured border in the country's crime-fighting efforts.

"Jamaica doesn't make guns or bullets, we don't make them, but they are here ... they keep coming in," he said. "We, therefore, have to retool. We have to secure our borders to prevent these weapons from coming here to do damage in our communities."

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