Flooding hampering Salt Marsh

February 06, 2018
This section of the Salt Marsh Road is in a state of disrepair.

Residents of Salt Marsh are deeply worried about the long-term impacts that torrential rain could have on the flood-prone, seaside community.

Two weekends ago, sections of the community were inaccessible to vehicles and pedestrian alike following flood rains.

“Flooding has been going on in Salt Marsh for decades because whenever it rains here or in other communities, the water rush down and we are affected,” Dave Myers, a resident, told the WESTERN STAR.

“The roads by the school is impassable, even to go in the schoolyard, so the students and teachers can sometimes become stuck over there if they don’t take notice and dismiss classes early,” added Myers.

Myers’ claim was supported by school officials who described situations in the past in which firefighters had to be called in to perform a rescue mission for students and staff.

Residents said a nearby gully is to be blamed for much of the community’s current flooding.

“The rain that fall on the weekend catch me up a me waist. Many vehicles have to stay put and people can’t pass on the road,” said Myers. “The gully is too small to handle the body of water coming down. It needs to be deeper than it is now.”

Beverly Cummings said that the authorities are fully aware of the their plight and has done nothing to fix the situation. 

"From I was a child it has been like this ... The school gets flooded the road mash up, and people’s yard get flooded. Nothing will be done so the people just have to deal with it,” said Cummings.


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