No place like home - Past students return as teachers

February 06, 2018
Teacher Carlton Cooke tries roll back the clock to his days as a student at Salt Marsh Primary and Infant School.

Having benefited from their tenure as students at the Salt Marsh Primary and Infant School, Venisha Brown-Gordon and Carlton Cooke are now back at their alma mater, serving the institution as teachers.

Brown-Gordon heads the school’s primary department while Cooke is the current Grade Five teacher. Both attended the school some 30 years ago, and both returned to serve there after completing their teacher training at the Sam Sharpe Teachers’ College in the neighbouring St James.

According to Brown-Gordon, during her days as a student, the children were far more disciplined.

“When I was a student, the school didn’t have a fence but you could not leave school without the teacher’s permission, and nobody would try to do that. Respect for teachers and elders was more the norm than it is today,” said Brown-Gordon.

Cooke has fond memories of his days as a student.

“I was involved in almost every single thing, including sports and speech, although not so much the drama club,” said Cooke. “In terms of the educational background that I got, it was the best and still is the best at Salt Marsh Primary.”

Both are elated that having benefited from the school, they  got the opportunity to give back to the current generation of students.

“I thought it would be a great opportunity to actually give back and I consider this to be my school, because I have history here. If I am going to give back to them, this would be the best place to make an impact,” said Brown-Gordon.

Cooke said: “As a teacher, I made it a point of my duty to come back here, and I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.”


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