Pastor clashes with unbeliever in MoBay

February 06, 2018

Drama unfolded in Sam Sharpe Square in downtown Montego Bay yesterday afternoon after two elderly men, one a Christian and the other a 'worldian', clashed over the Gospel.

A crowd descended as the men became involved in a heated religious exchanges which saw the men labelling the other as fake.

The unbeliever was in the process of handing out pamphlets to the public as he sought to advance his claim that the Christian Church of today is misleading the people for profit.

"Pastor can't save you," he shouted as he urged persons to read the Bible for themselves.

"The churches them only want your money, and I don't care which church you go, them not real," he said.

"Don't listen to the pastors," he chanted to passers-by. "I will give anyone $50,000 if they can prove where it says in the Bible that Jesus died on a Friday and was resurrected on a Monday," he added.

His public devotion, however, drew the ire a passing Christian who took it upon himself to rebuke the worldian, whom he described as a false prophet.

"I rebuke you in the name of Jesus Christ," the pastor said. "Go and read your Bible and stop spreading false news!"

His attack on the worldian man also prompted others to take on the worldian, who abandoned the argument as the Gospel prevailed.

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