Salt Marsh FC battling the odds

February 06, 2018
Members of the Salt Marsh United Football Club

The Salt Marsh United Football Club, which is the sole social and sporting body in the community, is forecasting tough times ahead due to financial difficulties.

Dave Lawkins, the president of the 22-year-old club, told the WESTERN STAR that businesses have not been coming to the assistance of Salt Marsh United.

"We still consider ourselves one of the top clubs in the parish and we aim to get back to the Western Confed (Western Confederation Super League), but we are struggling with resources and finances," said Lawkins. "My disappointment is that for a community like Salt Marsh, we are very laid back. There are individuals who would assist from time to time, but the support from the corporate body is disappointing."

Salt Marsh United FC was once a dominant force in the Jamaica Football Federation's Western Confederation Super League. Lawkins said that limited resources have impacted performance to the point where the club was demoted to the Trelawny Major League two years ago.

"From time to time, we have a number of persons who are a part of our club who want some assistance as it relates to school. At any time we go to training in the evenings, it costs $4,000 to $5,000, and that is to help others to go to school the next day or buy something for them," Lawkins outlined. "If we get assistance, thing can definitely improve."

Despite the challenges, Lawkins said that the club is prepared to give a good account in the upcoming Trelawny Major League season. Last year, Salt Marsh United finished fourth.

"In spite of everything, we will be going there to compete well. We hope to win and we are going there with that intention. We have the talent and this sport is a talent sport, and so our talent can speak more loudly than anything else," said Lawkins.

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