St Ann communities long for road, water

February 06, 2018
The driver of this van tries to manoeuvre his way through this pothole-filled Eight Mile main road in St. Ann.
Nyron Rhoden points to the poor road surface that he said taxi operators have to endure.

A lack of piped water and bad road conditions are problems which people living in and around the community of Nine Mile, St Ann, wish they could do without.

While travelling through the area, THE STAR news team came across a group of residents standing outside a shop in the community of Eight Mile, they describe the two huge potholes in the roads as 'two beaches'.

"Dem really need fi do supm bout deh two beach yah cause a long time it stay suh. Right now, when people a drive and ride pass, a kill dem out fi kill off people just fi avoid pothole," one resident told THE STAR.

Christopher, a tour bus driver who makes regular trips to the Bob Marley Mausoleum in Nine Mile, said that the state of the road is a concern.

"Tourist complain, drivers complain, everybody complain. The only man that don't complain is the man weh sell the parts," he told THE STAR.

"If yuh hit a pothlole there is a slim chance that you may lose a tyre. Suh it tek longer fi come up here because yu affi try tek yuh time to ride the pothole," he added.

And, for potable water in some of the communities, residents say that they long for the day when they will not have to rely on rainfall to give them the precious commodity.

"Water come up to Alderton but none nuh come up yaso. Di MP dem know wah gwaan and dem always a mek promises. Yuh just affi supply yuself. Sometime some truck pass through and sell water, but mi couldn't tell yu how dem sell it cause a di richer man dem buy it," another resident said.

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