Vox Pop: What are the best and worst things about Salt Marsh?

February 06, 2018
Kirk Hinds
Auldine Gordon
Roxann Miller-Stewart

Auldine Gordon, vendor: The best things about Salt Marsh are the school and the churches. The two bodies are the moral centre of the community. The worst thing is the number of idle young people. All they want to do are illicit activities.

Kirk Hinds, teacher: The best thing is the fact that Salt Marsh Primary is a community-based school, so we know not just the children, but the parents and grandparents. The worst thing is the frequency with which the community experiences flooding. Whenever it rains, we have to be on alert at all times.

Roxann Miller-Stewart, teacher: The best thing is that the community is a family-oriented one. Everybody knows and is related to everyone, so we come together when things happen. The worst thing is the high level of unemployment that exists in the area due to poor education.

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