Schools more comfortable out west

February 07, 2018
Superintendent Gary McKenzie


The comfort level of schools in St James has gone up, while truancy rates have fallen, since the implementation of enhanced security measures in the parish on January 18.

This, according to Superintendent Gary McKenzie, operations officer for the St James Police Division.

"Generally speaking, I think that the comfort level has been raised so much more, certainly for teachers, students, and parents. Previously, the police would have had to be visiting certain schools because of conflicts. We have seen where ... so far, there is a decrease and almost total elimination," he said.

McKenzie noted that before they had some students not going to school, and some of them were gathering at areas where they should not.

"What we saw was that gangsters were luring some of these teenage boys to be on corners, to be out of school, and that has become a thing of the past, which is a very good sign," McKenzie said.

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