Community Focus: Lover's Leap

February 13, 2018
The silhouette of a couple Roxanne Lloyd and Richard Peters enjoying the atmosphere at Lover's Leap in St Elizabeth.
Jean-Pierre Kavanaugh (right) and Dave-Ann Moses take in the breath taking view at the newly reopened Lover's Leap located in St Elizabeth on Saturday, January 27.
Visitors of Lover's Leap gaze out at the breath-taking view.
A wooden carving of the lovers who leaped to their deaths rather than spending their lives apart.

Lover's Leap has become one of St Elizabeth's iconic locations, not just for the tranquil setting that sees patrons from all walks of life flocking the recently renovated facility, but also the folklore from which it earned its name.

"At times, during the day, most persons here are Jamaicans, because Jamaicans are touring and are not staying home anymore. They are going out and enjoying their country, and this is one of their favourite spots to visit," said Tamelia Hamilton, supervisor of Lover's Leap.

"People come here because they have heard of the story of the romance between the two slaves, Mizzy and Tunkey, in the 18th century.

"The two were from two different plantations but would sneak and meet up at nights. When Mizzy's master heard about it, he plotted with Tunkey's master to sell him off far away," Hamilton said, as she recounted the story.

"However, nothing stays secret on plantations and the two heard about it and decided to run away. They were chased and cornered at the cliff, but decided that they would never be separated, so they jumped over the cliff and were never seen or heard from again, hence the legend, Lover's Leap."

Jakes Treasure Beach has been operating the historic facility since late last year, after investing approximately $10 million in the first phase, which saw the construction of a bar, restaurant, shading the verandah on the front, the construction of a new entrance, branding, a multimedia system, children's playing area, added bathroom facilities, and a swimming pool.

Lover's Leap was a gift to the people of Yardley Chase, and is now in trust with the Commissioner of Lands and the Tourism Product Development Company.

"We are open every day and so if you want quietness, nature and good food, then this is the place to be." Hamilton said. "There is nowhere else in Jamaica you can go and get this type of view."

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