Put your name on it - persons still getting 'love tattoos'

February 13, 2018

February 14 is tomorrow, and lovers are planning how to show their significant others how much they really mean to them.

Some may go the clichÈ route and get flowers, roses and/or a card. But others may choose tattoos.

Ryan Haye, who operates the Soul Raven Studio, told THE STAR that the inking of a lover's name is a popular practice, especially around Valentine's Day.

"There is indeed a lot of partners coming to put on names. I'd say approximately 50 per cent of tattoos that I've done are names," he said.

Haye said that he gets around 25 per cent more customers around this time of year.

Another tattoo artist, Timothy Simpson, said that the tattooing of a lover's name is not only a Valentine's Day thing.

"It's almost common and very popular, especially in Jamaica, for someone to tattoo their partner's name - almost a cultural thing," he said.




Simpson explained that in his experience, that trend is common for both sexes. He, however, has seen more women inking names to their bodies than men.

Haye also agreed, but said that he sees a lot of couples come in to get inked together.

"Generally, I'll see more women. However, most of my tattoos are names or designs for couples so they come in pairs, which give them the opportunity for a couple deal," he said.

Simpson told THE STAR during this time of love that he sees many persons do matching tattoos.

"Persons come in, they may not get names, but they may get matching quotes or supm like that," he said.

But Simpson also added that some persons believe that there is some bad luck associated with the tattooing of a partner's name on the body.

"There is the thing that if you tattoo your girlfriend or boyfriend's name on your body, that supm would go wrong with the relationship," he said.

Haye said "to each his own ... some see it as bad luck while some see it as a bond."

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