Southfield farmers want help to repair greenhouse

February 13, 2018
This greenhouse in Southfield, St Elizabeth, has fallen into disrepair.

The Southfield Farmers Group has moved to shed light on factors that have led to a greenhouse which they own being in a state of disrepair.

The farmers, responding to an article published in THE STAR, said that its members have planted and reaped crops from the greenhouse. However, the group said it has been restricted from producing in the greenhouse for some time because of a number of factors, including acts of nature.

In addition to the roof of the greenhouse being dismantled due heavy winds, the farmers say they often find goats tied to the outside posts of the greenhouse, which has resulted in the mesh being damaged.

The farmers also said that the state of the roads leading to the greenhouse, which was a gift from the Digicel Foundation, presents a problem for the trucking of water. In addition, they say production in the facility has been hampered by drought, and to make matters worse, thieves broke in and stole their drip system.

Calling themselves a resilient group, the farmers said: "We have not given up on rehabilitating the greenhouse, as we continue to work assiduously to seek funding/assistance from various entities and through our local representatives, who assists from time to time in whatever way they can and, importantly, through our own efforts as well."

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