Vox Pop: Do you believe the Jamaican legend of Lover’s Leap?

February 13, 2018
Tanesha Smith
Jermaine Williams
Tekema Ewers

Tekema Ewers, store owner: Yes, I do believe in the legend because considering those times of slavery where racism was rampant,
plantation owners would forbid certain acts of love, leaving slaves to do anything to see each other. So if those two wanted to be with each other then it is very possible that they tried to defy the odds."

Jermaine Williams, security officer: Well, I don’t know. Sometimes I wonder if the story is true or not because this story supposedly happened from the days of slavery and yet no bodies were ever found up to this day. So that alone gives me doub't.

Tanesha Smith, shopkeeper: "Yeah, I think so because since I came here I hear they said they found skeleton remains there and I feel
that it is from one of them. So I believe the legend."


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