Full Hundred - Macca Tree students striving for excellence

February 15, 2018
Grade 5 students at Eccleston Primary, St Catherine.
Grade 5 students doing classwork at Eccleston Primary, St Catherine.

Students of Eccleston Primary School in Macca Tree, St Catherine, are living their school's motto, which is to 'Strive for Excellence'.

According to Patrine Headley-Tulloch, the senior teacher at the school, her current grade five students aced the Grade Four Literacy and Numeracy tests which they sat last year.

"The numeracy was the surprise. Even though the students are really focused, we know that numeracy is normally a problem, so it was a complete surprise when we got 100 per cent passes for both tests. We are delighted that this was achieved," she said.

Eccleston Primary has 86 students and four teachers.

"The school is small and so there are multi-grades, which means we have to be teaching both curriculums. Miss Scott teaches grades four and five, but at the time, she was teaching grades three and four. Having to teach both curriculums to students in two different grades and getting 100 per cent passes in the grade four tests is a great accomplishment," Headley-Tulloch said.

Kelis Grey, one of the students who got 100 per cent passes in her grade four exams, told The STAR that she was excited when she got her results.

"I was feeling overwhelmed and excited at the same time. My mother hugged me so hard," she said, laughing.

Briteena Johnson said that she was nervous after the tests and was extremely happy when the results came.

"I was proud of myself, because I thought I would have to do it over because it was so hard," she said.

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