Shocking claims - Police probe rumours that criminals are leaving St James in caskets

February 15, 2018
A policeman conducts a search in Flankers, St James.

With the shocking claims that emerged online recently that criminals are being smuggled out of St James in caskets, the police say they will be investigating whether or not the rumours are true.

While noting that they have heard the voice note, Inspector Dian Bartley from the Jamaica Constabulary Force's Corporate Communications Unit (CCU) said there is nothing on the ground to confirm the allegations.

"At all our five checkpoints, we have not experienced such encounters as you hear going on in social media," she told THE STAR.

Earlier this week, a voice note started to circulate online in which the speaker claimed that a joint military team had intercepted hearses transporting notorious criminals seeking to flee the state of emergency in St James in coffins.

"Police and soldier weh a search di vehicle dem inna Montego Bay, dem search one vehicle weh carry dead body from di dead house and when di soldier dem jook di body, dem look man jump," the person in the recording said.

"Dem a ship out the gunman dung a MoBay inna hearse inna casket and sinting like dem a dead body."




While they are unable to confirm the allegations, Bartley noted that they are not disregarding the information in the recording.

Likewise, a policeman at the vehicle checkpoint in Greenwood, on the border of Trelawny and St James, told THE STAR on a condition of anonymity that he had only heard the voice note on social media.

"Mi hear bout it, but a just pon social media. Nobody nuh tell wi nothing bout that," said the cop, who was part of a team that was in the process searching of passengers on a Coaster bus that runs from Montego Bay to Kingston.

Brite Lite CEO, Tommy Thompson, also rubbished the claims. The man, who is known for doing lavish funerals, argues that no reputable funeral home would assist these criminals.

"The name that I have and the reputation that I have, I wouldn't even think about that. I don't think any reputable funeral home will be doing that unless those funeral homes are not reputable in the sense that they are just there making some money," he said.

Thompson said that it would be costly as well as risky for the criminals to leave St James that way.

"A casket is something that is enclosed. Your breathing is literally limited, so how long can you stay in a casket? Why would they be putting themselves on the line for two little common boys?," he questioned.

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