Evangelist said she was once demon possessed

February 20, 2018
The season of Lent

While battling suicidal thoughts and actually attempting to take her life, Gizelle Small said she decided to attend a crusade near her house in 2015.

"Di day when mi guh church that was the day that I discovered that I was demon possessed," she told THE STAR. "Mi did just want deh a hospital stretch out pon a bed ... mi neva want deh a mi yard. Mi tek a bagga pills."

Her desire to end her life was motivated by being in a messy relationship.

"Mi all run weh wul heap a time. Mi neva guh far but nobody nuh know weh mi deh," she admitted.

Being unable to get pregnant for the man who she was in a relationship with for five years drove her to do things that make her believe that she was possessed.

"One a di time mi all tell lie say mi breed and lock up inna house and nobody nuh know weh mi deh," she told THE STAR.

She said when her boyfriend confronted her, she lied and told him she had lost the baby.

"Him did have another girl and mi did know say him want har fi get pregnant too. Mi know say di family a lean towards har because him madda did a say she want a grandchild," she continued.

Now, three years after, she became a Christian, Small spends her time evangelising and seeking souls for Christ on the streets of Kingston, especially in the inner-city community of Seaview Gardens.

"I go with another elder member of the church and we let them know that Jesus is the way, the truth and the light," she explained.

However, Small, who was speaking to persons on the Waterfront, said she is sometimes led by the Holy Spirit and walks the streets by herself.

She said she is not fazed by not doing things that other young people enjoy such as going to parties and being active on social media.

"I was on WhatsApp and I came off, and I don't even have a Facebook profile," she said.

She admitted that her brother sometimes uses her phone to access Facebook and she would use the opportunity to look at the profiles of former classmates and old friends.

"Sometimes yu see dem with dem baby and dem living dem lives and the devil puts thoughts in your head to distract you but I have to stay focused on the Lord," she explained.

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