Hang them high! - Principal hurt by murder of St James High pupil

February 20, 2018
A grieving Velesha Vidal (left), mother of Tianna Clarke, is comforted by guidance counsellor Annita Doman-Rhoden.
14-year-old St James High School student Tianna Clarke.
Principal of St James High School Joseph Williams (right) wants the hangman to be brought out of retirement. Here he looks on as Phillip Johnson, a guidance counsellor at St James High, consoles Velesha Vidal, mother of Tianna Clarke.
Zoo Bug's house was burnt by angry residents.

Principal of St James High School Joseph Williams says prison is too good for murderers and has made a passionate call for the hangman to be brought out of retirement.

"I am so upset because from 1988 you need to understand they stopped punishing murderers, from 1988 they don't hang nobody in Jamaica," said an upset Williams.

On Saturday, one of his students, Tianna Clarke, 14, was found murdered in an unfinished building next to her home in Brown's Lane, Granville, St James.

"I am very upset because I treat my students as I treat my own children, and what is happening at this time is very unacceptable," Williams said.

Teachers and students were in a sombre mood during general devotion at St James High School when the WESTERN STAR visited the school yesterday.

"There is no punishment for murders like these," Williams said. "All they do, those who they catch or who turn in themselves is to put them up in prison, (but) prison to me is like a place of safety, and that is why murder continue unabated," he said.

Addressing the students, Williams said: "I have already told you that anybody touches any of you, they cannot escape God's judgment. It's not just talking, no one can touch any of you, kill any of you, rape any of you and escape." Judgment is declared on them, you are going to see more madman because of the things they have done, especially to the little children."

Since the murder of Tianna, one man, Owen Allen, otherwise called 'Zoo Bug', of Brown's Lane, has been taken in to police custody in relation to the murder. Allen turned himself in to the police following an appeal for him to do so. Angry residents have also set his dwelling house ablaze after the death of Tianna.

Valesha Vidal, Tianna's mother, said she was told that her young daughter and 'Zoo Bug' were close.

"A guy that always down there say Val, when you not here, the two a them a correspond," Valesha Vidal told the WESTERN STAR.

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