Mayor wants answers to shocking Whatsapp messages

February 20, 2018
Homer Davis

Montego Bay's Mayor Homer Davis said he has reached out to one of his councillors to discuss a set of disturbing WhatsApp messages that are being circulated on social media.

The messages were allegedly sent to one of the councillor's female friends, Kimberly Wright.

"I have heard about the messages and have left a message on his phone for him to get in contact with me, but I haven't heard from him as yet," Davis said yesterday.

"I have been in meetings for most of the day so I am not sure if he was trying to call me back. However, I am hoping to have a discussion with him regarding the matter," the said.

The WESTERN STAR made several attempts to contact the councillor to verify whether he was the author of the messages. However, calls to his mobile phones went unanswered.

"This is not something I expect from him, especially with the fact that he is a councillor," Wright said.

Wright, who suffers from Crohn's disease, said she began receiving the text messages in late January but only decided to respond to a few of them that she said hit her to the core.

"I was going to post them earlier but my father told me he didn't want to destroy his political career," she said.

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