Trelawny farmers get $70-million bailout

February 20, 2018

Agriculture minister Karl Samuda says the Government has committed another $70 million to assist farmers in Trelawny with the transportation of sugar cane to the Appleton Estate and Worthy Park factories this year.

"I have been able to support you, so far, and I could never turn my back at this stage when things are so difficult. And, that is why I said to the Permanent Secretary, only two days ago, that we cannot leave the farmers of Trelawny to suffer the consequences of not having the resources to transport the cane," Samuda said.

He was speaking at the opening ceremony of the 63rd Hague Agricultural and Industrial Show in Trelawny last Wednesday.

"We decided that we are going to provide the same amount that we provided last year, which was $70 million. I had said $50 million, but I told him, add $20 million to it, so that we can be assured that all the farmersí cane will be transported to the factory," he added.

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