Vox Pop: Do you think Lucea has the potential to be a major tourist destination?

February 20, 2018
Matthew Daley
Natasha Freebourne
Jagon Ferguson

Jagon Ferguson, computer technician:

"I think so because the town has a lot of land and historical sites, but there is no development taking place anywhere you look. We need leaders and investors to see the vision, because the town is going backwards."

Natasha Freebourne, vendor:

"Yes, because Lucea have many historical buildings like Rusea's High, the parish church, the clock, Fort Charlotte and the court house. It is a small town, but we have a lot to offer."

Matthew Daley, retailer:

"I think it can happen in time to come. Lucea just needs some development, because tourists already a come to the town, so the place needs some enhancements."

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