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February 21, 2018
Marcus Garvey's childhood church, the St Ann's Bay Methodist Church was gutted by fire early yesterday.

Chesterfield to get bridge promised during by-election

Residents of Chesterfield, St Mary, should get their bridge by June. Bridges will also be installed in Mahogany Vale, St Thomas, Trout Hall Pass in Clarendon, and Tranquillity in Portland.

E.G. Hunter, chief executive officer of the National Works Agency, said the bridge is one of seven that are now being fabricated in China for delivery by the end of March.

Prime Minister Andrew Holness last year made an election promise to the residents that a structure would be erected in the area in order to ensure that the community is accessible during times of inclement weather.

Hunter said that tenders will be invited this weekend for the civil works and that the process should be completed within a month. It is expected that when the process is completed, work to construct the bridge abutments and a centre pier will get under way.

Well-drilling to take place in Essex Valley

The construction of pump houses and the drilling of wells are expected to take place under the Essex Valley Irrigation Infrastructure Development Programme next fiscal year.

Some $457,613 has been earmarked for the programme this year.

The Essex Valley Irrigation Infrastructure Development Programme is being implemented to assist in the achievement of food security and the modernisation of the agricultural sector in St Elizabeth.

The programme will focus on the development of wells, pump houses and irrigation infrastructure to reduce the impact of drought on agricultural production in Essex Valley. Packing houses will be put in place in the area and access roads are to be developed.

180-year-old church gutted

The St Ann's Bay Methodist Church was gutted by fire early yesterday. It was the childhood church of National Hero Marcus Mosiah Garvey.

Losses include a 110-year-old pipe organ. It was the second time the church was being destroyed by fire. The first time was in 1898, 60 years after it was built. Now, 120 years later, tragedy has struck again.

"It's a loss which is not only physical in terms of the building, but it's also a loss in terms of the people's sense of who they are, because this church has meant so much to people, children who have grown up and known this place," head of the Methodist Church in Jamaica, Bishop Everald Galbraith, said.

"It's devastating, it's just hard to believe that this is a reality," Galbraith said. "This is a church that has been here since the first of August 1838 - many, many years - connected with Emancipation, seen many lives touched and served this community in great ways, so it's very, very painful."

Kern Spencer's brother begins political journey

Dr Dwaine Spencer, the brother of Kern Spencer, was last night unveiled as the People's National Party candidate for South East St Elizabeth.

Spencer replaces Richard Parchment, who lost the seat to the Jamaica Labour Party's Franklyn Witter in the 2016 general election.

"The poll which was conducted by the party in the constituency, which basically guided the party in choosing me as the candidate, was very informative and indicated that I was the best person to not only unify the constituency, but it showed that I would beat the JLP's Frank Witter by a comfortable margin," Spencer said.

'Speckles' was wanted for 13 murders

The Clarendon police yesterday said 'Speckles' was wanted for 13 murders. One of his victims was a policeman.

'Speckles', whose given name is Nico Walters, was killed in a shoot-out with the police on Monday. He had been on the run since 2016.

Reports are that about 11:25 a.m., Walters opened gunfire at the police team in Effortville, May Pen, Clarendon, hitting a policeman. The gunfire was returned and Walters was later found with gunshot wounds. A Browning 9mm pistol was found beside him. He was taken to hospital where he was pronounced dead.

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