People use bleaching cream for lighter butts

February 21, 2018
A vendor displays her selection of skin bleaching products.


Skin lightening products have been around for a while, and there are new products always emerging in the market.

However, for Simone Shape, a cream she created is more about getting the dark areas on the skin to fit the person's overall skin tone.

Shape, who lives in the United States, noticed that her Wynter Whyte cream did what many 'bleaching creams' failed to do.

She told THE STAR that even though people use her product to bleach their skin, some buy it for getting their elbows and knees to have the same complexion as the rest of their skin.




"It (Wynter Whyte) helps with 'under eye' darkness. It also helps people when they have mixed complexion, where one part of their skin is dark and another part is light. It helps even the skin tone. I have a lot of customers who buy it for their butt cheek. They do not bleach, but they buy it for those purposes," she said.

Shape said she even knew of a man who uses it under his neck to treat razor bumps he gets after shaving.

"When he uses my product, the bumps and scars go away," she said. Shape added that people are seeing the results and are very interested in her product.

She said she tested the product on her own skin. She said that after seeing the results on herself and a friend, she decided to make a living from the cream.

"I used it on my own skin because I had spots on my face. I saw where it improved my skin so much. I made it for friends and it improved their skin as well, so I decided that I wanted to share it with others," she said. "From then, it start getting popular; I didn't have hand to sell."

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